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TPRRV May 5, 2019 MeetingPage 1MEMBERS PRESENT:Patty Fritz, Wendy Wilke, Amber Bach-Gorman, Amber Ferris, Mary Brinkman, Jane Anderson, Wanda Carlson, Sara Tungseth.GUESTS:Kathy Lehman, Anne Stoll.TREASURER’S REPORT:Not specified.OLD BUSINESS:--Still working on getting Amber’s signature on the banking account. Should be done this week. We willalso be getting a debitcard.--NDSU marketing students suggested several strategies. Make up posters for veterinarian offices,businesses etc. Our members suggested trying to make an informational video that could be shown.--Guests Kathy Lehman and Anne Stoll gave us moreinformation and answered many of our questionson the 501c3. Main items are:1.We will need to have at least a 3-memberboard.2.Article of incorporation.3.Check onPet Partners bylaws.4.Need 1 paid employee to work at least 10 hours per month.5.Voting members.6.What entity are we? Can we be under Pet Partners?--Still need a Facebook administrator. Amber Ferris has agreed to take that position and also start anInstagram account. Thank you Amber!NEW BUSINESS:--Amber Bach-Gorman, Amber Ferris, Wendy Wilke and Marilyn Nielsen were on KVLY on April 30thfor Pet Therapy Day. Both Ambersand their dogs were up and at the studio by 4:30am! Talk aboutDedication.Wendy and Marilyn were on later in the day. You may still be able to check the KVLYwebsite to view. Thank youladies!--Evals coming up May 11 and June & July (dates not set yet).--Tina Erickson had her first evals as an evaluator. Those close to the Detroit Lakes area wish to starttheir own club.--Handler Workshop to be held, date not set yet. We had 5 participants on April 27th.--Held our second annual get together/mealbefore summer break. Those who sent in their volunteer hoursto Wendy received an Irish coffee mug with the TPRRV logo.Thank You to all of you!Fortheir dedication to therapy work the following people received:Marilyn Nielsen and Ringo:1stplace with 120 hours! Aphoto shoot.Pam Mauseth and Baxter:2ndplace with 83 hours! A1stImpressions gift card.Pamela Engberg and Zoe:3rd place with 60 hours! A 1stImpressions gift card.Mary Brinkman, Wanda Carlson, Sarah Tungseth, Amber Ferris, Jane Anderson and
Page 2Amber Bach-Gorman received a 1stImpressions gift card for their service.Door prizes went to Sarah Tungseth and Wendy Wilke-kennel pads; Amber Bach-Gorman -treat/ropetoy; Wanda Carlson tug rope.A great time was had by all. Hope to see you all next year!!A bigThank You to allour members, who have graciously given their time and talent to help others, no matter if you made the banquet or not.Your work is greatly appreciated.IMPORTANTREMINDER:We will notbe meeting for the summer months. You will continue with your visits and any new events will be posted on Member Planetor emailed/texted. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!SAVE THIS DATE: our next meeting will be September 8th, 3:00pm at Bethany on South University Drive(always the second Sunday of the month).Respectfully submitted by Mary Brinkman, Secretary
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