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Page 1 of 2TPRRV Sept. 8, 2019 MeetingMEMBERS PRESENT:Patty Fritz, Mary Brinkman, Wendy Wilke, Kathy Faeth, Amber Ferris, Jane Anderson, Susan Lindsay, Jennifer Erickson, Marilyn Neilsen, Beverly Sumwalt, Pat Hoggarth.OLD BUSINESS:-We have decided not to pursue the 501c3. It would be too much to keep track ofand we feel our club is not big enough to handle all the extra work involved.NEW BUSINESS:-Some new faces, introductions all around and where we currently visit with our pets.-Explained how we pick a site to visit and to reach outto other members for information on those visits. Shadowing was suggested and can be done.-It was brought to our attention by patients at a hospital that a dog that visited was smelly and blowing it’s coat. (It was not a member of our club.) Pet Partner’s requires bathingbefore visiting hospitals. A lot of patients have low immune systems or are very sick. If you do a lot of hospital visits in a month it was suggested to do those visits back-to-back,if possible,so you don’t have to bath your dog every week. We realize many have large dogs and can’tbathe for every visit but atthe very least brush, check the rear end, paws, nailsfor that month.Unfortunately,dogs like the one mentioned above gives the rest of us a bad name. Please be mindfulvisit as if it was your family member in the hospital!-Patty, Amber F. and I will be visiting Sandford Volunteer Services to try and find out Sandford’s policies and/or set up criteria for any visiting dog.-Handler’s workshopis tentatively set for Sept.28thand Oct. 26th. When the dates are finalized it will be posted.-Evaluationsare Sept. 26that the Moorhead Library 5:30-8:00pm. There are several openings yet. Please contact Sara Tungseth for a spot. Volunteers are also needed!-There are many events that we are requested to participate in (currently 9). Due to our limited volunteers we will decide which events better promote therapy pets. If there is an event that you would like to participate in,you are more than welcome to attend, and if you want to promote TPRRV please let someone on the board know.-Current events to partake in:Barnes and Noble Read to a Dog; Nov.9th, sponsored by Altrusa. Wendy has info.Streets Alive; July and August. Possibly Horace Mann parking lot.Red River Market; Oct. Amber Ferris has info.Largest Pet Walk; September28th, sponsored by Pet Partner’s.Do as a group?Fargo Force game (Wiener dog races).May be stressful.Paws WalkHair of the Dog. May be stressful.Therapy Pet Animal Day; April.Furgo Dog Walk (part of the Fargo Marathon); May. TPRRV will see about manning a water station at this event.-New Site Requests:Lilac LanesRonald McDonald House.-Annual membership dues are due by January 31th, 2020. $10.00. Reminders will be sent out.
Page 2 of 2-4 positions on the board need to be filled in January 2020. Please consider helpingYOUR club. President 1 year(helped by past president).Public Relations 2 years; Amber Ferris has accepted the position. Thank You Amber!Site Coordinator 2 years; Kathy Faeth has accepted the position. Thank You Kathy!Secretary 2 years.-Rhubarb cake was served. Delicious. Thank You Patty!-$10.00 gift certificate was won by Mary Brinkman.NOTE: a prize will be given out at each meeting! Come for a chance to win. Our monthly meetings (1 hour) are every 2ndSunday of the month at Bethany Homes South University Drive, 3:00pm. We want to see you there!Respectfully submitted by Mary Brinkman
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